Garage Door Parts, LLC took money and no product

San Diego, California 0 comments

Placed online order at Garage Door Parts, LLC web site, paid by e-check, I never received product, sent several e-mails, no response.Later did search to find several of the same complaints.

I wish now that I paid by credit card, come to think of it I tried but they only accepted e-check, which I fell for.

I hope there is someway to shut these guys down.

Any one out there know how or where to start?

Garage Door Parts - Failed to deliver the goods I ordered.

Annapolis, Maryland 0 comments

I ordered parts from this firm on July 20.To date I have not been able to receive an update on my order.

They do not respond to e-mail inquiries. They cashed my check, but there have been no further communication from the company. I have tried repeatedly to make contact, but it's like nobody is there. This is very disappointing since I have done business with this company on two previous occasions.

On those experiences, I have received excellent products at reasonable shipping dates. What has happened to this web site? It used to provide very good products at reasonable prices.

Now, it looks like a SCAM!

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Garage Door Parts - No delivery of ordered and paid for parts

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment
Not resolved

Ordered springs & cables from Garage Door Parts, LLC. Paid them $124.98, have not received parts, no reply from emails, phone line busy or disconnects.

After reading further on the internet, seems this company doesn't exist.

If anyone would like to take legal action, post info and I will join you. I do have a name on a canceled check, will see where this money went.

You can view other complaints from consumers by looking under "garage Door Parts, LLC.

Their address is: Bargain Enterprises-Garage Door Parts,LLC 127 Columbia Avenue Passaic, New Jersej 07055-6801 Phone 1-973-472-4818

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Same thing happened to me.$119.10.

Check went to a Ricardo Aquino. Im pissed, is a pleasant way to put it.

He is still advertising and suckering needy victims in to his thieving web.He needs to be caught and hung by the balls and left to rot.

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